Working@McVities, Carlisle

I have been working in McVities through PMP for nearly 2 years. I have seen staff come and go, but they are always up to date and ready to provide help if needed. I have always have my questions answered, my problems solved and of course my holidays sorted. I have never had any problems with PMP whilst working for them.

Anett Kovas

PMP are so good to work for because they are understanding of our needs as workers and also try to give us all work when it is available.

Ataya Harding

Not only do PMP offer great benefits to staff such as the travel to work scheme and the pension scheme but I feel they go that step further in making each employee feel welcome and comfortable in the workplace.

Matthew Sharkey

I worked for McVities for over 20 years doing nights before leaving to move to Canada. When I returned to the UK I went back to Carrs but had to go through the agency.  That was almost four years ago now and I am still with them. They have gone through a few changes but I am very happy and any problems are usually sorted out very quickly. I am enjoying life working together with a long time employer and agency.

Roger Lee

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